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Earlier this week, news reports citing anonymous sources said that Yahoo is weighing a selloff of its entire Web products and advertising business, presumably because they're beyond saving.Then, along comes a major product revamp -- about a year in the making.’ You can then start typing any questions or things you’d like to chat about.You’ll be able to see when the Support Line adviser is typing because the phrase ‘The agent is typing’ will be displayed in the chat window.A Yahoo spokeswoman declined to comment on the reports.

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"We already have a Yahoo Messenger in the market that we have not been maintaining actively for the last couple of years," Shoemaker said.

"This gets us back in touch with the market." There's good reason for that.

Other players like Snapchat, with its ephemeral messaging shtick, have also been a huge hit with teens and young adults.

Yahoo wouldn't specify how many people use Messenger other than to say it is has "millions of users."Yahoo is hoping a few key features will lure more users to Messenger. That's a big deal because no other major messaging service lets you do that.

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