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Richard Fitzgibbons, director of the Institute for Marital Healing near Philadelphia.

“Unfortunately, kids in elementary and high schools can develop a really bad problem with porn at a very early age,” Fitzgibbons says.

He always worked long hours, both at the office and at home, but in recent months he had shown signs of wearing down.

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Whatever the root causes, a man’s attraction to pornographic images can bring about a mental “high” that provides a brief escape from whatever stress or unhappiness he is experiencing in his daily life.“Perhaps he is stressed at work, or perhaps he is bored with his life and looking for some excitement,” says Houck. He is using pornography as a substitute for real human relationships, and he is suffering.” Factors that may lead to the development of a porn-viewing habit include stress, marital conflict, profound self-centeredness, or the “pleasure principle,” a Freudian term for the drive to avoid pain and seek immediate gratification.“Whatever the case is, it begins with his false perception that the women and images he will see on the Internet will satisfy his needs. Sometimes there is a contributing cause in what Fitzgibbons calls “marital loneliness.” “The couple has drifted apart in the home,” Fitzgibbons says.These are some of the devastating effects of Internet pornography upon marriage, the family and the individual: Porn addiction is an epidemic that has been grown in the Internet age.Some estimates put porn use among churchgoing men at 50 percent, a figure that differs little from use among the adult male population at large.

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