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Give the people looking at your profile several avenues to find commonalities.Perhaps more importantly are the things you shouldn’t be doing in your profile.Spira has been helping singles mingle for more than 20 years.The Los Angeles-based online dating coach has between 50 and 100 clients at any given time, and she’s not afraid to share her two cents on common Tinder mistakes. But apparently there are guys — and make no mistake: guys are usually the ones making these errors, according to Spira — who insist on posting shirtless bathroom selfies on Tinder. “In the first shot, you need to look happy, you need to look confident.” No emo pictures. Show off your travel spots When it comes to travel, don’t just talk about it in your profile, but be about it.The facade from wearing shades makes it harder for your prospective matches to connect with you.As Spira puts it: “Let us look into your eyes so we can imagine what it’d be like having a conversation with you on the first date.” 4.Missi Brandt had emerged from a rough few years with a new sense of solidity.At 45, she was three years sober and on the leeward side of a stormy divorce.

Sports, politics, 18th century French literature, whatever it is, just throw it in.Start a conversation with “hey” This shows you’re only willing to put in the absolute minimal effort required to start a conversation. Instead, compliment your match on what they’re wearing, or talk about something they mentioned in their profile. Wear sunglasses in your pictures This doesn’t make you look cool, fellas.Instead, “it looks like you’re hiding something,” said Spira.Among all the duds—the desperate and depressed and not-quite-divorced—a 45-year-old man named Richie Peterson stood out.He was a career naval officer, an Afghanistan veteran who was finishing his doctorate in political science at the University of Minnesota.

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