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Youths were encouraged to work for a well implementation of the SDGs in Cameroon.

A round table discussion on the theme “a robust and well-trained youth, for a peaceful future far from primary needs”, enabled the public to exchange views on SDGs 3, 4, and 8 focusing on health, quality education and access to decent jobs.

UNIC’s NIO; Jean Njita welcomed the initiative of Dr.

Nyaka Aurelie; promoter of the MOLA Association for involving young people in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through practical concrete projects.

After clearing his path through his 2018 hit Malwedhe, he uses Balance to prop up his arrival in the South African music industry.The United Nations Information Centre, Yaounde organized the First edition of the Educational Talk of the MOLA Association in partnership with the MOLA Association, which brought together youths from all over Cameroon under the theme “a robust and well-trained youth for a peaceful future far from basic needs” on 31 July 2019.The event was aimed at building the capacities of youths on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Cameroon.E-readers may be shared with this second school as the Project Managers determine appropriate The Story: The Naguru Parent’s School was started with a small group of preschoolers and currently serves marginalized populations of students.Some come from remote locations and reside at the school while others live nearby in crowded situations.

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