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Host Vivian Amis, author of "I AM" - The Key to Manifesting available on Amazon.This group covers questions about manifesting your heart desire using different methods.

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With their powerful “in your face” language and raunchy comical wit, L.

These are free tips I have picked up along the way that I feel every author should be aware of.

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She lowered her sword and held a hand out for him.jaune smiled back and took her hand as she hefted him up."still not as good as you though. 19 closeness to Pyrrha Pyrrha blushed at that before she lightly punched his shoulders."flattery won't make this easier." she said and jaune chuckled."Hehe can't blame a guy for trying."# seriously how do you not see what's going on?

# yelled cortana there was no way Jaune could be this dense.# what do you mean cortana?

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