Next generation in online dating

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Take for example the case of Philip Markoff, the infamous Craigslist killer.

Three different women placed ads through Cragislist, offering their erotic services, and he responded, met them and robbed all three, killing one.

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One major category that may be frightening with these sites is the safety behind online sites, not knowing how truthful someone is or how trustworthy that individual may be.

Hernandez said she started talking to Joe on Tumblr, and their friendship led to a long-distance relationship.

The idea of online dating was weird before she began dating Joe, she said.

It may seem normal these days to hear your friend talk about this new guy she met online the other day with technology in the forefront, but is it really normal to talk about a date over the Internet through a web cam?

Online dating ranked third on the and Chadwick Martin Baily 2009-2010 research study in terms of how married couples met over the past three years.

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