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The school just phoned to say that my daughter Dana, who was with Carl, is suspected of selling marijuana and that the police plan to strip search her. However, if Dana is not given a chance to consult you or a nominated person before the search, her rights may be infringed.The Commissioner for Children has ruled that such a search would breach Dana's rights under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act and the Children's and Young People's Well-being Act.

As a parent, you can be prosecuted for not ensuring your child attends school regularly, and the District Truancy Service may become involved if your child is persistently absent from school.Ever since the drug incident Carl and Dana have been wagging school. Under the Education Act, every child aged between 6 and 16 must be enrolled at a registered school, and must attend school whenever it is open.The Ministry of Education may grant long-term exemptions in situations such as home-schooling.Are they allowed to join public demonstrations at this age? There is no age restriction on joining public demonstrations or practising religion.My kids are aged 12 and 10 - can I leave them at home by themselves? Until your children are 14 you can't leave them at home without making reasonable provision for their supervision and care. Can I ask my neighbour's daughter Jennifer, who is 14, to babysit?

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