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We were maybe in seventh grade, and she was one of my only friends who had her own computer in her bedroom. I didn’t actually start watching strangers have sex until I started researching female orgasms. I was trying to figure out how I should be during sex.

We usually got on AIM together to chat, but on this particular evening, we somehow ended up in a “Romance” chat room. But then my brain kind of calmed down about watching it and about sex in general, and I started to search for porn that actually turned me on.

I was about sixteen, and it was the shared computer in the family den. I’d say my first experience was loading strip-by-strip BMP files over a painfully slow dial-up, with terrible resolution.

I was grossed out but I didn’t want to tell my dad. This was pre-Windows, so probably Netscape Navigator or something.

The guy asked to switch to phone sex, again, expectedly. Maybe you found your soul mate on Tinder, or got dumped on Facebook, or have an outrageously interesting sext life. If you’re interested in contributing, send an email to [email protected] the subject line #Love for more details.

I like to think that Brittni clicked into it without ever warning or mentioning me, but knowing myself now, it’s entirely possible that we discussed entering this sex chat room together and that I even encouraged it. Back in the days of BBSes and tape backups, one of my friends had a large quantity of image files that he would download and save for later. #Love is a new column on Tech Crunch dealing with digital matters of the heart.

We began a chat with what we both believed to be a man, who expectedly got straight into some really dirty, misspelled talk: “Lik my nutz.” Shit like that. He said hello in a voice that terrified both of us. (This was important because download speeds were slow enough that it took a few minutes before you could actually see anything.) Anyways, one day he was backing up files and his dad walked in the room and could see the progress of files being moved to tape. It explores our relationships, their relationship with technology, and all the gory details that come with it.

Another reliable source for digital self abuse was in old school AOL chat rooms.

Rooms with names like “gif” or “jpg.” I discovered fairly early on in my keyboard warrior days that going into one of these rooms and randomly saying something to everyone in the room like “send one pic to get one!

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