Mars and venus online dating

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The beauty of email and instant messaging is that we have no annoying little habits.

The danger of email and instant messaging for online daters is that we have no annoying little habits!

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We can help you figure this out, and most importantly work with you to be sure that you are attracting "like-minded" people to your life.

If you have ever thought that you were wasting your time surfing the web for love, chances are you have.

But the waste may have been that you didn't know how to screen potential dates for their intentions well enough, and you ended up dating the wrong people.

and then have the expectation that they are in a genuine "relationship." Even online meetings still have to navigate the 5 stages of dating, and the first stage is attraction, not IM'ing.

Now, of course, many people find love online, but it requires a level head and a lot of surfing... The trick here is to learn how to figure out who on the web is "for-real" and who is not really who they say they are. Mars Venus Coaches can help you to decipher your date's profile, and their intentions.

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