Lmr dating

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I call her and she tells me to search for a small keypad on the gate and enter into some long combination. I call her back and she tells me to try a slightly different variation. I call her again and ask her to come out and get me but she starts giving me shit, telling me I must be doing it wrong. She sort of reminded me of a porn star version of Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones.Fortunately, at this point, some old guy is leaving the building and I walk in after him. She leads me inside her place and it really is a giant mess.Then, when I asked her if she was In Warsaw, she responded with her phone number, telling me to call her I started off by texting her my name, not even sure if this was real or just some kind of bot. I dial her right away and after a few rings, I hear a sexy polish accent on the other end.We talk for a few minutes, she tells me that she is staying at her sister’s place and is really bored because her family is all out of town and she doesn’t know anyone in Warsaw.However, her sister had gone out of town and she got the place to herself for a few days.

Then she proceeds to turn down every single one of my movie suggestions.

I have had girls get pissed over shit I say, but never over being called silly.

I took a step back and asked her why she was so offended at this word.

I am quite patient and jokingly tell her to just come and chill numerous times.

Twenty minutes into Weird TV Show & chill and we are talking about something random.

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