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Don’t worry: (Also it gets tiresome to walk past the millionth office building in between So Ho and Midtown.)I think of Times Square as a light bulb as it attracts the worst of NYC: the crowds, overpriced things, and chain restaurants.

Don’t bother visiting Times Square during the day or rush hour.

My dad always looks at the infractions are prior to committing to eat at any restaurant, but I can’t really say that it’s always appetizing to read these reviews….

There’s about a million cool eateries and the best places to eat in NYC list is ever-changing, however there is something to be said for the foods that make me miss New York.

To be fair, street food does not currently have ratings, so use your judgment in evaluating whether or not you want to eat at a place.

Simply: A non-A rating means that they do not have a clean kitchen and/or the restaurant received infractions on their cleanliness rating for something.

Note that rainbow bagels are not on this list as they taste like play-doh.There’s so many better foods to eat AND instagram while you’re in New York. It’s also great not having to wait in line for one treat! New York City is SO BIG and I usually recommend that you take spend 3 days in New York at minimum.I think this is the minimum for just going to the main attractions in Manhattan.The only thing is that you need to “reserve ” the spot then show your deal to the parking attendant.I consider this one of my most important tips for first time visitors to NYC.

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