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You can read more about the process and the full specification for this file here.Enabling app links from your link domain requires a small JSON file called the Apple App Site Association (AASA) file to be accessible on your domain. I almost never do =) When it comes to my private life, I am a standard searcher. Google, Bing and Yahoo provide a great variety of search operators, which can be used for various SEO purposes. I google “translate” and “maps”, when I need to use Google Translate or Google Maps. If I don’t find the results on the 1st SERP satisfying, I just change the query.

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CC Zero will let content creators uninterested in copyright claims push their work into the public domain immediately – Read Write Web Yahoo, Flickr and Google do help you search for Creative Commons content on the web but the problem is that none of these search engines offer an option to restrict search results to content that’s available under "Creative Common Zero" or under "public domain". When sites publish their content under Creative Commons, they are required to add some text (or a graphic image) in web pages so that human visitors can easily know the license under which that content has been made available on the Internet.

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Here’s an article that I wrote for my blog but since I am distributing my content under Creative Commons Zero, feel free to copy this article or use it for any other purpose without asking for permission or attribution.

As things stand, US copyright law prohibits reuse without explicit permission for creative works until they enter the public domain – 70 years after the death of the author or 120 years after publication date if the date of death of the author is unknown.

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