Liberal dating gospels

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The same cannot, however, be said of 1 Timothy, the genuineness of which is largely thrown into question by contemporary scholarship.For this reason, I will now defend the Pauline authorship of 1 Timothy, before proceeding with some further points.But he was released, since Acts doesn’t record his execution and Paul also anticipates his release (see Philippians ,25,26 and ).(2) is fairly weak because, unlike second century Gnosticism, the false teachers described were still within the church and their teaching was based on Judaistic legalism.Paul writes in 1 Timothy , This latter citation is from Luke 10:7.

One popular claim by skeptics is that the gospels were written so long after the events which they narrate that their historical and biographical value is suspect.

When compared to other ancient biographies, these sources are very early indeed.

Sources for Roman and Greek history are usually biased and removed one or two generations (or, in some cases, even centuries) from the events that they detail.

While virtually all scholars maintain that all of the gospels were written in the first century, within liberal scholarship it is conventionally thought that all four gospels were written post-70AD.

It is my own view, however, that this proposition is largely arbitrary, and based largely on a false presumption that a prediction, on the part of Jesus regarding the destruction of the temple in AD70, must have been composed after-the-fact.

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