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But in general I don’t do that stuff because it doesn’t interest me and I’d rather fucking sleep, you know, I’m tired.I am actually very boring.” In reality, Daniel Radcliffe is anything but boring.I’ve become a more rounded person.” But you’re Harry Potter. And what you find is that most people are genuinely very nice.”Having said that, there was an exposé last year with pictures of Dan smoking what looked like a spliff (for the record, it was a rollup cigarette), under the genius headline “Harry Pothead”. It’s like, so you want everyone to know you’re a prick?That was weird, but, other than that, it’s been cool.” Well, you’re not exactly the kind of celebrity that appears in Heat every week. “Anyone who thinks the people who are papped all the time don’t want to be is under a false impression.You might think, well, easy to have that attitude if you’re a multi-millionaire at 21.

He says how excited he is to be in Dazed because “that’s how I go through life; constantly bewildered”.

” And he’s off on another one of his tangents, this time about the heartbreaking moment when the old toys are discarded.

“I was on the point of crying, but I didn’t want to cry in front of my friends.

My mum and dad went to see it on my 21st birthday, when I was out of the country.

As if they haven’t had enough moments of their boy growing up over the last few years, they went and traumatised themselves by watching that.

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