Jay sean and ashley tisdale dating

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Everything was relaxing and quiet for the girls to concentrate on cheer till their new neighbors moved in, It was a fraternity.

STARRING: zac efron, dave franco, ashley tisdale This is a song fic about my character Dovefall and her life.

2.) If they are added in a person's article, then it would imply to Wikipedia readers that the success was because of that certain person. Just like what Juanancho says, "beacuse english wikipedia is for Australia, UK and another english countries and the information is featured in the respective articles." Definitely.

The box office results and view counts are located in their respective pages and it certainly has nothing to do DIRECTLY to Tisdale as the movies also include other people.

Ananya Khatri is a 23 year-old actress and singer who just got off of her broadway tour and is now getting ready to start doing her new movie The Greatest Showman she has also been dating fellow actor and co-star Zac Efron for seven years now and they've had their fair share of ups and downs but...

The Lancer University Hellcat Cheerleaders live together in a beautiful big house across campus.

Not all the characters belong to me like Coldwater and Hailthorn.

If we remove it from this article, then we have to remove it from all oof them. I'm not sure box-office figures or similar things are always relevant to include in the article, but where a film has especially high (or low, I guess) viewing figures, that is a significant fact about the main actors; whether or not Tisdale was a cause of the success of the HSM films, the success of the films is certainly a large part of what makes Tisdale well known.Some of the films cited broke records during their premieres and those are really relevant to all cast members.For example: HSM2 was the most watched TV movie in a night, while HSM3 has the biggest opening for a musical film.Wikifan12345 (talk) , 2 January 2009 (UTC) Perhaps the wording should be that Tisdale is Jewish "via" her mother's side of the family, then.That clarifies both that she is Jewish and that it's only through one side of her family. Fred (talk) , 2 January 2009 (UTC)On further reflection, I guess the question is this: is it significant to the reader's understanding of Ashley to know that her father is not Jewish?

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