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I had to move the path of the JDK I wanted to use (1.6) to be the first entry in the PATH environment variable to make sure Windows uses 1.6 instead of 1.7.

So, for example, the PATH environment variable before was: ) to PATH variable at the end, but did not work out and shows Java 8.

The method explained here is a better, more up-to-date solution to completely disabling Java updates from running, and includes the required registry change to stop the updater from running, preventing the UAC prompt from ever appearing.

Disabling Java update from control panel is not as straight forward as it seems to be.

When I go to the Java website to verify what version of Java I have installed it says it's not installed but under "programs and features" it shows as being installed.

I'm not sure why the "Enabled" checkbox is not selected.

A combination of and deployment.config files, some registry settings and some properties in the MSI are generally used. Hope that helps, Dunnpy I'm having an issue with editing the registry setting everyone is talking about here.

I navigated to HKLM\Software\Javasoft\Java Update\Policy and I changed "Enable Java Update" from 1 to 0.

First check your Environment Variables Carefully and remove all the Environment Variables related to the previous versions of JAVA and replace those paths to After struggling with this issue for some time and researching about it, I finally managed to solve it following these steps: 1) install jdk version 12 2) Create new variable in systems variable 3) Name it as JAVA_HOME and give jdk installation path 4) add this variable in path and move it to top.

Java update can only be disabled with administrative rights, so you need to run the Java control panel elevated.

Since you can't do this through the control panel, you need to run the applet through its executable.

After doing this the "Update" tab is no longer visible which is great.

That's what I want to happen but for whatever reason when I open up Java and view the versions the "Enabled" checkbox is not checked and it will not allow me to enable it.

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