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Before you call me a chauvinist and put my head on a spike, please hear me out.I’ve had these conversations with more Japanese women than I have with Japanese men.Whether you did great or did terribly, it's always interesting to see the differences between people.Were you able to see any subtle differences in Asian facial features in this quiz?My Gold’s Gym has quite a few women who compete in physique competitions. Once you’ve had some time to train alongside them and talk to them, you get a sense of some of their body insecurities (we ALL have them).One thing I’ve heard (several times) is women who wish their legs were longer. Beauty can come from a woman’s personality/demeanor, too.Since coming here in 2008, I’ve gotten to have some downright fascinating discussions about Japanese culture and why certain aspects of the culture are the way they are.A subject that’s been discussed and rehashed, time and time again, is Japanese beauty.

We should celebrate them, and let those differences bring us together.

Well I’ve asked about this one, and the best answer I’ve heard was that having a double eyelid make the eye look bigger.

I assume bigger eyes are more beautiful here in Japan.

I've created a quick guide to show you exactly how (with some solid examples) .

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