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You’ll be able to spot the ancient shafts from which miners extracted metal ore, the washbasins where they cleaned it, and the baths they used, all of which were brought to light during archaeological excavations, and which bear witness to the riches that the earth once held in this area.The park is also home to “Chaos,” a large crater that some believe was caused by the collapse of a cave roof – an impressive sight.The supporting feature was Disney’s ‘real life adventure’ “Nature’s Half Acre”.Fellini’s “The Nights of Cabiria” had its US premiere here in October of 1957.Perhaps Rolston can produce an updated version with a errors corrected and a more consistent definition of what he considered a “Roadshow” and in what country.The picturesque sunset as seen from the Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounio might be the reason that most people come here, to the southernmost ancient fortress of Attica but there’s much more in the area that merits your attention.i just read the book “Movie Roadshows: Limited Run Reserved Seats Engagements 1911-1972”.the author Kim Rolston includes reserved performance engagements as well. unfortunately its not the only inaccuracy in the book. its fascinating for me since i well remember reserved seat runs.

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March 18, 2014 at pm Bigjoe59, I do know the book, and while it makes for very entertaining reading, it does have some sloppy research.

Walk further to see the remains of the ancient settlement of Thoriko, the site of the oldest ancient theater in Greece, dating from the 6th century BC.

On the way back to Sounio, take a swim at the beach below the archaeological site, where the Aegeon Beach Hotel is situated. At the taverna Thodoros and Eleni, the signature dish is mussels cooked in different ways.

The description says it closed in ‘78, if true, it’s a shame.

March 17, 2014 at pm to Al A.– you have been most helpful in the past so i have another question for you.i know time does funny things with one’s memory but i am 99% certain that “The Trojan Women” starring Katherine Hepburn, Vanessa Redgrave, Genvieve Bujold and Irene Papas open at this theater on a reserved seat engagement or at least a reserved performance engagement 1971.

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