Intimidating lighting

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Sometimes called piermount lights, they’re ideal for entryways, gates, and fences.Install them in areas where guests congregate, such as a deck or patio, to ensure adequate light for everyone. Though they serve the same basic purpose, they’re mounted on top of stone, concrete, or brick columns instead of posts.Below we break down all your outdoor landscape lighting options to make the process of improving the looks of your yard and adding resell value to your home, all the easier.Related: All the Different Types of Home Lights The type of lighting you choose dictates the rest of your outdoor landscaping project.It helps narrow down options for lighting method, style, layout, and controls.

Direct them at a specific feature to highlight it more prominently.

According to HGTV, water features for landscaping are quickly becoming one of the most sought after backyard components.

A pond, fountain, or waterfall adds a unique look to your yard while increasing your homes resell value.

Those with moving water also bring the relaxing sound of nature to your home.

Use special underwater pond lights to better illuminate these water features during the day and night.

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