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Even if your guy is ripe and ready to get down and dirty with the talk, you shouldn’t take this as your cue to go full steam ahead. Start with tamer words and make sure you’ve got the comfort and flow before you really hit it hard.

One ginormous mistake people make is thinking they’ve got to be graphic and vulgar in order to get that sexy turn-on feeling for a guy. This could be because so many people dive into porn when they think of dirty.

Your next hot move is to actually use specific words or phrases you know are going to turn him on.

Don’t try and get too complicated, according to the relationship experts at .

Begin with one or to word phrases and work your way up. *Faster *Harder *Deeper *Right there *Don’t stop Make sure you use your sexy voice when you use these phrases and whispering them into his ear works even better.

By now, your confidence should be escalating and you can switch back and forth between the sounds and small phrases. *I’m going to pin you down and kiss every inch of your hot body.

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