History on stradiuarius violins dating in the 1800s

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Celebrated German explorer Alexander von Humboldt was born 250 years ago.Far ahead of his time, he warned of the critical importance of protecting nature.Tropical forests in South America and Central Africa are disappearing at an alarming rate. () The quantity of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere keeps increasing. Now media are reporting that we only have 18 months to save the climate. Meat would actually cost about triple its current market price if we factored in its environmental impact.Could a "meat tax" cut consumption and help do what needs to be done to fight climate change?"We're buying up pieces of the woods to control them better in the future," he said of the state-owned Paneveggio forest."We are confident our tradition will last another 400 years." French researchers have busted a common myth that the tonal qualities of a real Stradivarius can not be matched by any other instrument in the world. () Rescue divers have retrieved nine bodies from a flooded house on the southern Italian island of Sicily.

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To become a cello or upright bass, the tree has to be even older.The forests where the wood for Stradivarius violins comes from has been used for 300 years to build some of the best string instruments in the world. Prized for their superior sound quality, an original Stradivarius can sell for millions of dollars. Back in the 17th century, Antonio Stradivari traveled for two days from his hometown Cremona to the Paneveggio forest in Northern Italy to locate the perfect wood for his instruments, which would become world famous.The average temperature in the country has risen 0.1 Celsius degrees more than elsewhere in Europe, although it's not clear why Italy is warming more.The effects are being felt across the country, not just in the singing woods.

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