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Chances are if he’s active on dating apps like Tinder, he’s probably talking to some of those prospects.Busy or not, if his emotional energy isn’t fully dedicated to you and the relationship, then he isn’t serious.All of sudden, he’s missing in action or the days are passing without him checking in on you.If he was ready to be serious, this inconsistent behavior wouldn’t occur.You’re thinking “He's too busy for me,” but really he is having second thoughts overall.

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After a few months perhaps, you realize you don’t know exactly where he stands.

This is acceptable if you are honest about your hesitation to do so.

However, if you are moving in for a hand-hold or a quick kiss and he’s not responding the way you want, then he’s clearly hiding something.

He isn’t going to give up after the first half of the game, unless he’s covering up for one of many circumstances.

Here are some potential meanings: If it isn’t one of these more realistic scenarios, then it could be that he suddenly realize that you two are headed for a full on relationship.

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