Gypsy travelers dating

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Here are several links, so you can read about ‘the gypsy life’.Gypsies (Romani people) have had to deal with the following, throughout history (and even today):*forced sterilization (yes, it is still happening)*eviction*harassment (by law enforcement as well as civilians)*fingerprinting (this is happening in Italy right now – all Romani people are being fingerprinted, simply because our race is considered ‘criminal’)*concentration camps*starvation*exclusion from public schools and welfare programs*bombings (it is not uncommon in places like the Czech Republic for people to throw molotov cocktails into the windows of Romani homes)*forced into a nomadic lifestyle because no country wanted them there Unfortunately, it is not as romantic as you seem to believe. If you can read these pages and still not understand why foolish romanticization of a people that has suffered so much (and still suffers to this day) is disrespectful and wrong, then I am at a loss as to what else to say.

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Outsiders to our culture who would use this word have a perfect opportunity to educate people, but often choose to remain silent and continue to use the word ‘gypsy’, as if it were their own.Romani people are fighting persecution all over the world still. What you think a ‘gypsy’ is, I can assure you, is quite incorrect.You think using this word makes you seem free-spirited, bohemian and unconventional, when the truth is it only makes you seem ignorant.As a Romani American, I see the word 'gypsy' (or 'gipsy') thrown around a lot in casual conversation.Generally, it's part of a joke about stealing away children in the night, or being ripped off (ie., "gipped").

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