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between the third and fourth seasons to aid in their mission against villains whom the O. Brock's personality has evolved considerably throughout the series. could not effectively combat due to bureaucratic restrictions. Whether or not Brock knows of Bowie's role in the Guild is not clear, but Brock makes it clear that he would be happy to kill Bowie if the opportunity arose. With her help, they defeat Think Tank as an "unsanctioned team-up", a precursor to entering a full relationship. He speaks calmly in anything short of the most urgent circumstances, and his level voice is sometimes at odds with a crazed facial expression. During a battle with a villain named Think Tank, Brock is blasted out of Ventech Tower but is saved by Warriana who he encountered many times. He usually speaks in a low, gravelly deadpan and maintains a casual aura.When Brock is forced to destroy the car in The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part I), he is so emotionally affected that he is temporarily unable to speak. They have a long history together and have been shown to fondly reminisce about past escapades.In Assisted Suicide, Brock demonstrates what his friends believe to be a 'legitimate superpower': his ability to know when someone is in his car. He has an avuncular relationship with the Venture boys, often shows greater concern for their well-being than Dr.

The Guild of Calamitous Intent The Investors(deceased)Long Division Monstroso (deceased)Mike Sorayama (deceased)The Monarch Phantom Limb S. He has the ability to tell if anybody is in his classic muscle car. On several occasions the car has become an instrument of death and destruction.He also reveals that, after rebuilding the machine, he kitted it with an environmentally safe electric motor. Venture, although both are frequently annoyed by them.Due to the extraordinary situations Brock finds himself in due to his work as a member of O. By the time the series begins, his relationship with the Ventures has matured to the point that he refers to them as his family. P.e R., the Ventures' robot, with whom he goes so far as to argue over Led Zeppelin and express shared appreciation for poetry. Venture and Brock first met in college, where they where roommates, but they didn't see much of each-other. Rusty also left college a short time after this because of the death of his father. In season 6, Brock returns to work for Thaddeus after the latter is given control of his late brother's company. He was expelled from the university after accidentally killing his team's quarterback (Tommy) during practice, leaving him with a guilt he has carried ever since. has yet to be revealed, except during one of his first missions of his career, as a rookie Brock and unnamed partner were on mission where Brock encountered Molotov Cocktease, also on her first assassination mission. For some time after this, he stayed in a log cabin with Steve Summers and Sasquatch, a couple he met in Home Insecurity. The intention was for Brock eliminate competition for Molotov's all-female organization of contract killers, the Blackhearts Elimination Agency. He has only been matched in battle few times and shows respect to each enemy that manages it. ." He attended college on a football scholarship to State University in the early 1980s, where his fellow students included Thaddeus Venture, The Monarch, Pete White, Mike Sorayama, and Werner Ünderbheit. Venture, but the two never socialized as he spent much of that time banging chicks. I but believing they were up to something, he escaped and went into hiding. He is seen by his enemies as unstoppable, which is sometimes confirmed as he took a tank shot to the chest and survived, though he had a metal plate installed.

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