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I think every single journalist of colour can relate to this.

Thank you @The Sunny Dhillon for speaking up and calling it out ❤️💪🏾 I sincerely hope news directors and editors across the country read this and take notes. CAIj MDDU—@Ginella_M You've worked as a journalist for 10 years and you write in this piece that there are solutions that are pretty obvious. I think sometimes there's a tendency to talk about this issue as though, "Well, how are we going to fix it?

It's very complicated." But I think it's actually very simple: you hire more people of colour.

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But what do you think's lost with your departure?

The Globe uses a proprietary analytics software called Sophi which Crawley says gives the newsroom a better understanding of what content gets read—and what doesn’t.

“Every story that we publish now effectively gets a score from Sophi that we can tell within 10 minutes whether something is taking off,” he said.

(Print distribution of the Globe has not been consistent across parts of Canada looks like: On weekdays, it’s now two twenty page sections, the width has shrunk an inch, and there is more white space on the page.

Globe distribution ended in all of the Atlantic provinces the same day, save a few copies of the weekend edition, which are being flown to Atlantic News in Halifax and sold to Globe fans for .50 a pop.

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