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The organization also offers the secretive Blackstone Legal Fellowship, through which Christian law students study under prominent scholars, participate in internships, and prepare for life and leadership in the legal profession.

Since 2000 (the year of Blackstone’s inception), the ADF claims it has trained over 1,600 law students from 225 law schools in 21 different countries.

Past sessions of the academy included topics such as effectively equipping attorneys “to battle the radical homosexual legal agenda,” upholding the sanctity of life and parental rights, and defending religious liberty.

Alan Sears was the longtime president, CEO and general counsel of the ADF until January 2017.

Farris left the right-wing Convention of States, which he co-founded in 2013, to take the position at the ADF.

The Convention of States advocates for holding just what its name implies—a convention of states—to add amendments to the Constitution in order to stop “the federal spending and debt spree, the power grabs of the federal courts, and other misuses of federal power.” Farris’ history in the religious right dates back to the 1970s, when he opposed the Equal Rights Amendment.

“The only surprise is the rapidity with which this degradation of our human dignity has occurred.

It has occurred, with raging effect, and within twelve months, on the heels of government mandated recognition of same-sex ‘marriage’ – an oxymoronic institution if ever there was one.

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These include a variety of programs designed for young lawyers, including the Young Lawyers Academy, which schools new U. attorneys and provides opportunities to “engage the culture and join a network of Christian attorneys around the globe,” and the Areté Academy, which “launches highly accomplished university students and recent graduates on a path to future leadership in law, government, business, and public policy.” The ADF Academy is a training program that purports to equip participants to “effectively advocate for religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family.” The ADF claims more than 1,800 lawyers have participated.This is catholic, universal orthodoxy and it is desperately crucial for cultural renewal.Christians must strive to build glorious cultural cathedrals, rather than shanty tin sheds.” —Blackstone Legal Fellowship website, 2014 "When given the same choice the Supreme Court of the United States had in , the Indian Court did the right thing.Sears served in various positions during the Reagan and George H. Bush administrations and also worked for the Department of Justice and was appointed director of the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography.Under Sears’ leadership, the ADF expanded its training, funding, and outreach not only domestically, but internationally.

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