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Here, three twentysomething men who met Sugar Mamas through the Sugar Baby dating site, Seeking, explain what the experience was like: Man A: Twenty-two. I saw them traveling with their partners and having fancy dinners. Once I read some articles about it, I signed up to see if I’d like it. I like to have conversations that go deeper than surface level and the women I’ve dated in my age group are always staring at their phones, or they're non-intellectual, or both. Man A: I heard some classmates talking about it and I was curious to figure out what it was.When you’re in college you’re supposed to eat ramen and microwave burritos, not food from five star restaurants.She was unlike any of the other women my own age I had dated. She clearly cared about the way she looked from head to toe. Man C: My Sugar Mama is an amazing woman and I like to think I would be attracted to her regardless of her financial status.Since I was specifically looking for an elevated dating experience I think her financial status added to the attraction, but she is pretty and smart and very sweet so I got pretty lucky.Man A: Sex was only agreed upon once she was comfortable being with me.

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Man A: I’m sure people didn’t pay attention to the age difference. We never showed PDA in public and rarely kissed in public. I think society maybe isn’t used to seeing older women with younger men, so that was the original shock.

Man A: Although her financial status was appealing to me from a student's perspective, I also liked a woman who was a little older, wiser, and mature.

Man B: The appeal of being a part of her extravagant life was attractive. But in getting to know her better, I became attracted to her as a person. I’d never dated anyone who put that much effort into her appearance.

The most expensive thing we did together was go to Cancun for a mini vacation and stay at a private resort for the week.

Man B: A typical date with her would be going to a nice dinner or a show.

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