Fake internet dating

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So, they will go online and pretend to be something that they're not.

Some people will even go to the extent of using a picture that is not theirs.

With good software filters and manual checking of profiles they can be for the most part easily flagged as fake and then removed in time.

These are the filler people that dating sites often include on their site to skew the membership numbers and attract more people.

It is virtually impossible, no pun intended, to know if the person you are talking to is really being candid about himself or herself.

Being duped by a potential online suitor has happened to the best of us, and in this respect, internet dating can almost be compared to blind dating.

The same could happen with someone whose nickname is "astro_boy." Maybe he is not even a boy, maybe he is a grown up man or a woman posing as a young person.

Maybe this "astro_boy" is into astrology or into astral experiences.

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Some may consider this to be a harmless practiceone of the necessary requirements to building an online dating community.Let's not forget that we live in a society that perpetuates the false notion that image is everything.And, because of this, some people might not feel that they fit in society's image standards.In the end all dating sites contain the above fake profile types to varying degrees.It's hard for the dating services to keep up with them since so many are created (there are automated programs that can actually create them).

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