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I'll tell you mine, and then you can show me yours.....

How about you write your idea down, but hide it from me Fran.

" "It's parked just outside." We headed out of the museum and drove over to my place.

I gave her a gentle pull back and thought to myself, "everything is going to be okay." We walked about some more, arm in arm, when she turned to me and said, "The museum is nice, but maybe we could go somewhere more private? I have a nice, modern apartment not far from here." "Okay," Fran replied, "I took the bus here, do you have a car?

Fran giggled, "I like the way you think." "Okay then.

I arrived early and stood outside near the main entrance. It must have been 20 minutes, and then suddenly, almost from out of nowhere, a woman matching her description came walking up the steps, wearing a hat, with her head down. "I share with you if you share with me, kind of like I'll show you mine if you show me yours." I said.

It didn't take much to get totally turned on back then. Without saying a word, she unfolded the small piece of paper she wrote on and handed it to me. "Mother and Son fantasy" We both exhaled loudly, an exhale of relief. I mean, naughty feelings." "Son, I love you, and it is okay.

I wrote back and then took her short letter to bed with me and read it over and over while holding it up with one hand. So, go ahead and tell me what you're thinking sweetheart." "Okay, let me whisper it in your ear." I put my arm around Fran and pulled her ear to my mouth and whispered, "I have a mother and son fantasy idea." Fran looked up slowly and a smile came across her face. Son." "Mom, we have always been close, but now I'm having, well, feelings for you.

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The local paper would receive the replies, put them into an envelope and mail them to the ad poster about once a week. I grabbed Mommy breast with both hands and tried to suck all of it into my mouth. Mom let out a yell and panted, "Dear God, yes." "Okay Son, now it is your turn. Stand facing me and take your hands away from your cock." "Yes Mommy." "Are you ready? "Son, pull back the sheets." "Yes Mom." "Son, I'm going to get on my hands and knees now, on the bed, and I want you to love me anally." Mommy crawled onto the bed facing away from me, got on her knees, and reached back with both of her hands and pulled her butt cheeks wide apart. Looking to satisfy a craving, I entered the world of newspaper print personal ads. Porn in the 80s was limited to magazines at the dirty book stores, peep shows, rental video tapes, and more mainstream publications like Playboy and Penthouse. We turned to each other and kissed for the first time. " "I have an idea Jonathan, how about we relate to each other as mother and son whenever we are together, no more Fran and Jonathan, just me pretending to be your mommy and you pretending to be my son. We can both feel free to get into character and speak to each other in our play roles." "That sounds wonderful. A lot of people have, well, feelings for each other.Newspapers with titles like "The Village Voice", or "The Reader". I like your kisses." I leaned forward and kissed Mommy, but softer and longer than anything could be considered appropriate. All of a sudden Mommy slipped her tongue into my mouth and gently explored my tongue. "But if you are going to see me like that, I need to see you too." Mommy stood up and unbuttoned her blouse exposing her large rounded sagging breasts. Now, lay your head down in my lap so I can breastfeed you." I laid down under Mommy's beautiful and heavy breasts.I think we both understood we were about to physically bond in one of the dirtiest, most taboo, and almost downright sick forms of incest imaginable. I got behind Mom, my cock was rock hard, pre-cum dripping out of it, and it felt like it was one-thousand degrees hot. We were both drenched with hot smelly sweat, in fact her hair was soaked.I placed the huge mushroom head of my cock against Mom's butt hole opening and, with one slow thrust, inserted all 8 inches deep inside of her body. I reached around her from behind and clamped myself onto her.

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