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Yellowware, or yellow ware, is a type of earthenware named after its yellow appearance given to it by the clay used for its production.Originating in the United Kingdom in the late 18th century, it was also produced in the eastern United States from the late 1820s.Beginning in the late 18th century, potters in Scotland and northern England began manufacturing vessels of yellow-firing clay. By the early 19th century, potters skilled in yellowware manufacture began to emigrate to the United States.

A patient diagnosed with anorexia nervosa virtually stopped eating 5 months ago and lost 25% of body weight.

These were coil-built forms, usually bowls or ladles with a variety of decoration made in Hopi villages from the Pueblo IV period to historic times (c. Not all Rockingham ware was made using yellowware clay, and to distinguish it from other types of yellowware some collectors and antiquarians use the term "brown-glazed yellowware".

Archaeologists usually refer to the American product, and British wares that did not originate at the Rockingham works, as "Rockingham-type" wares.

Untreated patients with anorexia nervosa do not recognize their thinness.

They perceive themselves to be overweight and unattractive.

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