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The standard value for this attribute is This namespace will be used to define the schema location further The most important part is that the URL should be hosted and working and both the URL should be correct.

Also, both the URL should have space in between otherwise the validation and autocomplete would not work.

Install from the update site: Note: SWT Browser widget (HTMLEditor uses it for preview HTML and JSP) requires Mozilla in the Linux. Also you can disable preview in the preference dialog.

Choose [Window]-[Amateras] and check [Disable Preview]. Then you would be able to use HTMLEditor without Mozilla.

Note that a great deal of software for editing and using Web Services whose interfaces are defined with WSDL implicitly handles XML Schemas to describe the structure of input message types and output message types from operations provided by those Web Services.

[Included below are some packages listed on the public XML Schema page.

Software can support or be aware of XML Schema in a variety of ways.

XML Schema 1.0 defines conformance only for the class of schema-based validators; this may change in XML Schema 1.1.

In this article I will cover another new and updated feature: validations.

If not already installed, the “Eclipse XML Editors and Tools” plugin can be Eclipse’s update site.

As we all know XSD (XML Schema definition) is used for validating XML.

editor supports validation against ISO Schematron schemas, which validate XML documents using Schematron schemas, XML Schemas, or Relax NG schemas that contain embedded Schematron rules.

These validation scenarios are run against the topics open in the XML editor and may result in a list of of warnings being displayed.

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