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Similar to Snapchat filters that animate a visual overlay over your face in real time, Facebook’s live masks will go one step further and augment the live video chat with whatever goofy animation you’d like to place on the screen.

The company says the feature should be arriving on Android soon.

What is abundantly clear is the ultimate goal of all of these changes and additions, however: Namely, total domination of every relevant form of social media, using messaging as a delivery system.

The latest iteration came this week with the addition of new features including video calling, audio and video messaging, GIFs, and stickers.

Facebook says the update is rolling out today globally for both i OS and Android.

While video chatting, the company stresses that Messenger’s other functions remain intact.

It signed a deal that lets Viacom sell advertising on the service, it deepened a partnership with Nielsen to measure the effectiveness of its ads, and it recently hired two senior executives with expertise in ad measurement.

So you can still send texts, stickers, and other animations while video and audio are transmitting.

There is also one notable i OS-only feature: live masks.

However, only the dominant speaker will have their video feed streamed after six participants have joined a call.

And Google Hangouts’ consumer limit on video chat participants is 10, not 25, people.

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