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"When we did the original auditions, they gave me a couple of [Logan-acts-like-a-jerk] scenes, then I also got a scene where he’s burned by a cigarette lighter by his dad. “Rob wanted to see not just me playing the [jerk] but also if I could play the softer side. It didn’t come out until a little bit later in the show, but [eventually] you got to see why he could be such a [jerk] and also how he’s just in this terrible situation." The original pilot had Lilly's body found and dumped in a river by her father, Jake.

“Like, I truly felt like I would die without her, and I think that’s what underlined everything people loved about them as a couple.” The cast didn't know who murdered Lilly while filming Season 1, but Thomas said he knew it would always be Harry Hamlin's Aaron Echolls. Hamlin booked a movie in Australia that conflicted with the filming of the Season 1 finale, but thankfully, he turned it down to stick with “Veronica Mars” instead.Thomas said that Ryan Hansen was picked to play Dick because he had “good hair” and looked like a California surfer boy.“He had one word in episode two of ‘Veronica Mars,’ and that the word was: ‘Logan,’” Thomas recalled, but everyone loved him so much that the kept him around and upped Hansen to series regular.In the writers' room, sitting around watching dailies, we would all gather around, and it was like, 'We want to watch that.We want to watch those two onscreen together.'" “A lot of that emotion was very real for me.

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