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What is your favourite night out in Exeter and why? The Drama students [Joel studies Drama] take over the podium and it’s great fun. How would you rate your looks on a scale of 1 to 10?I would hope that my sense of humour adds a couple of points, since the goatee I’m currently sporting for the campaign puts me seriously in the negative figures!These three years have been the best of my life and I would love to do something next year which I’m passionate about. I want to improve University resources such as the library and Wellbeing Centre and make sure that University halls are refurbished in relation to their prices being put up. My manifesto is all about improving the student experience with a specific focus on inclusion, representation, safety, and events.On top of this, I would like to make the Guild more open to students and would dedicate some time every day to be available to talk to students. We want to connect the Guild to students in a manner never before attempted. I believe that I have the energy, passion, and determination to connect the position of Guild President to students like never before.Love: I’ll create a loyalty card scheme where any money you spend in the Guild will see a payback to a chosen society. Cheeky glass of prosecco, or two – maybe three with my campaign team.(After that I’ll be primed to enjoy the massive social phenomenon of Friday night Lemmy.) Tell us something fun that we don’t already know about you?The visibility and availability of SABBs is something that’s really important.

I’m a third year student and throughout my time at the University I have encountered lots of things that I would like to help improve.Similarly, some Toon Tasks allow you to carry more gags.The more gags you carry the less often you'll need to go to the gag shop and restock before heading back into battle.SKILL POINTSAs you advance in the game by completing Toon Tasks and increasing your gag skills in battles, you'll earn new and increasingly powerful the whole cream pie.You start Toontown with the Squirting Flower and Cupcake gags -- the first gags in the Squirt and Throw tracks.i think they should put in another set of gags.after the toontanic.

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