Diddy dating dawn dirty money

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To walk out into the world as a woman of color and try to innovate in a world where there is no color at all is such a risk. That’s the hard part.”It was enough to make the 35-year-old reconsider music.

Diddy said that with so many other artists waiting to put out albums on Bad Boy, waiting might not be the best thing for her.

The summary of her days with Diddy goes like this: If you, like moi, were wondering why Diddy Dirty Money disbanded after only putting out one album (that took three years to make), Dawn broke it down like this in her interview. He decided to be done, so I was like alright, what are we going to do next?

Puff got a lot of ventures going on, so he didn’t really go into it. Maybe it was sales, I don’t really know what it was.”“But I asked him, what we doing?

“We have been stifled in our voices because we are afraid to lose our jobs and whatever piece of semblance of awesome that we get.

Dawn Richard is older, wiser and no longer caring what anyone thinks of her. I’ve learned that there are acquired tastes— and I’m one.”READ MORE: 19 years after murder charges, Ray Lewis heads back to Atlanta for Super Bowl That refreshing, independent mindset is what makes Richard’s work compelling in the first place.

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