Dennis haysbert dating 2016

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He was initially married to Elena Simms whom he had been dating for quite a time before the wedding, however, the relationship didn’t last long and the couple broke up four years later.It took him almost five years to come out from the broken relationship and move on.There is no qualm on how incredible actor Dennis is in Hollywood as the star has offered a bevy of memorable characters to the audience for which he is adored all over the world.But that’s not it, he isn’t only cherished for his on-screen role as ladies just can’t get their eyes off from this chap despite aware of the fact that he is divorced and father of two children.Dennis Haysbert, who gave innumerable rousing characters to the audience to revere throughout his entire career, is preeminently known for rendering Pedro Cerrano, a fictional baseball athlete in sports comedy ‘Major League’.He was equally esteemed for portraying Sergeant Major Jonas Blane in CBS action drama series ‘The Unit’.In 1989, he married actress Lynn Griffith in a cloistered ceremony.

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Now, there is no any spouse in his life and he is no more into the married relationship with any of the girls.

He got married with his affair for the first time in Elena Simms in the year 1980 till the year 1984.

They were even viewed within the public places as boyfriend and girlfriend as being a happy couple but later they had a divorce with their mutual interest with custody of their children.

Having resided in the enclave of Silicon Valley in San Francisco Bay area, he attended San Mateo High School, a comprehensive public school.

Following the graduation, he was presented an athletic bursary by multiple universities being 6 feet 5 inches tall but refused to receive the offer, preferring acting over sports.

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