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WTF.— Jacques 纪俊仁 ⚡ (@jacjimeno) February 14, 2019Watching @netflix's Dating Around. The protractor is an instrument used for measuring angles.

) and later goes in for a kiss that she does not reciprocate and seems to find awkward. Not to mention that she also had to deal with several uncalled-for dick jokes from her date with John (27). If you spend any amount of time talking with hiring managers, you’ll quickly find that each is looking for different skills, wants to see it presented in different ways, and consumes the information differently. case study debate, the core problem here isn’t the way designers present their work.In this system, designers can showcase their work in the best ways possible so recruiters and hiring managers can explore to the depth they prefer.And there it is, another slack message asking for portfolio feedback. The real question to solve is how to get the right information to the hiring manager without redesigning the content for each application.As designers set out to showcase their work they tend to receive contradicting feedback that sends them into a portfolio death spin. To do this, we need to understand better what I call the Portfolio Ecosystem.

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