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Why It's Bedtime-Approved: It's relaxing and close, but it's also got deep penetration. How To Do It: Lay in the spooning position, but make sure your pelvis is higher up than your partner's.

Once you get comfortable it's great for G-spot stimulation but also clit play, nipple play, even some sexy talking.

If you've got the energy, you'll be setting yourself up for some lovely, intimate time before you drift off to sleep.

I get that you might be feeling tired before bed, so you might not be swinging from the chandeliers.

Wrapping your top leg over their hip, pull yourself toward them as you guide them inside you. Why It's Bedtime-Approved: A nice gentle position to make that oh-so important connection before bed.She was also the regional coordinator for an international matchmaking firm before starting her own matchmaking agency.Amanda knew that matchmaking was a personalized experience and wanted to combine her experience in the dating industry to create a one stop shop for finding love. to create a unique positive dating experience and help people find true love.And it's not one that you should neglect, because bonding right before sleep is important."Before going to bed we recommend always giving each other a compliment and a kiss," Emily Lyons, CEO of Lyons Elite Matchmaking and Dating Consultancy firm, tells Bustle."End the day happy and loved, no matter what took place earlier.

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