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I think that they are very classy looking knives and I like mine a lot. Can't give you a date but it looks to be the same as my Ulster whittler and Camillus Boy Scout.In 1903, Schrade sold all of his interest in the New York Press Button Knife Co. The following year, Schrade formed the Schrade Cutlery Company in Walden.In 1906-07, Schrade patented the Safety Pushbutton Knives, an improved series of switchblade knives with side-mounted operating button and a sliding safety switch.From 1911-1916, George Schrade resided in the knifemaking center of Solingen, Germany, where he ran a small workshop.There Schrade developed a new type of switchblade knife, which he titled the Springer.In 1946 Imperial Knife Associated Companies, (IKAC; an association of Ulster Knife Co and Imperial Knife Co) purchased controlling interest in Schrade Cut Co and changed the name to Schrade Walden Cutlery. This forum is not the place to discuss the replica knives currently being imported using the Schrade name. I know it isnt all that old but I would like knowing the age - it has become a fav edc of mine. The tang stamp would put it between 1975-1980(the year it was discontinued). TJ, Ulster and Schrade merged in 1947, and combined a lot (but initially not all) of their patterns, especially by the time the delrin handles were introduced.

The company developed a number of successful innovations in the manufacture of commercial value-priced folding pocket knives. Baer purchased the Ulster Knife Company (which was founded in Ellenville, New York, in the 1870s) and merged it with the Imperial Knife Company and designated this new business as the Imperial Knife Associated Companies, to produce knives for the military.

The company's unusual name arose from its first knife design, a switchblade or automatic-opening pocket knife with an operating button mounted in the knife bolster.

First patented by Schrade in 1892, the knife was eventually produced with a unique style of clip point blade.

I don't suppose we will ever know all of the knives that Camillus made for other companies, but the S-cards are a great tool to verify when & where some knives were made.

was an American knife manufacturer of hunting knives, pocketknives, utility knives, and bayonets during the 20th and early 21st centuries.

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