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There are individual price guides for specific types of antiques or collectibles such as Character and Toby Jugs or Figurines.Comprehensive identification and price guides include all types of Royal Doulton items such as: There are several excellent free price guides online that have extensive listings for Royal Doulton antiques and collectibles.They were revived by Doulton in the 19th century, who developed the idea into a range of character jugs.Today, their popularity shows no signs of waning and they hold their price at auction sales.

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Its date of introduction is uncertain, but may be as late as 1993 when the Pearson Group floated Royal Doulton plc as an independent company. and Doulton marks appear on the earthenware and bone china (from c. The most common Doulton mark is circular with the central four interlocking ‘D’ symbols that continued in later marks.The reason for the introduction and use of this new mark is not known although it may have been nothing more complex than the need for a smaller mark to fit smaller wares.The mark appears not to have been used exclusively as there are examples of the earlier ‘standard’ Doulton mark that can be unambiguously dated to the same period.Virtually all Doulton tableware has a black printed Doulton ‘mark’ or ‘backstamp’ applied to the underside of the piece.The mark was varied from time to time and the table below includes the major marks that appear on tableware manufactured at the Doulton (Burslem) factory (Series Ware and the Lambeth Stonewares often have special marks).

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