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Here it's the kind of thing you may worry about if you get married to a violent alcoholic, but why would you do that? Return flights from Venice for 0, Rome, Barcelona, and Paris not much more.

All you Americans and Canadians, it's time to get crackin on that Pimsleur Romanian.

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Basically there are thousands of ways of feeling accomplished -or pretending that you are - you just need to be there to catch all these wonderful trends on time!

So I'll go ahead and spell it out, Romania is better for your H-E-A-L-T-H. There may be lots of poor and simple people in Romania, but at least they're normal.

Of course there are idiotic Romanian celebs, but it's not very socially acceptable to discuss their pathetic shenanigans around the water cooler at work.I know what you're thinking, how can Romania possibly top all that considering America is also the land of Root beer floats and Antoine Dodson?Everything's been done in America, that's why people like Dodson and Snooki and all kinds of other morons become overnight celebrities.This is a sad claim because this is a common example of a stereotype.It is just the same as in the case of assuming that the Irish are mostly drunkards, or the case of considering White American Southerners as supremacists when this is not always true.

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