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Rabot is owned by Hotel Chocolat, which has an amazing resort at the Caribbean island and it's bringing the best of the Saint Lucian cuisine to London. Rotorino434 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AAHow much will it set you back? Rustic vibes in the décor translate into the delicious Mediterranean plates.You can't leave without trying one of the wood-grilled meats. East London has mastered cool a long time ago, Rotorino is one of those places for hip couples that don't settle for mainstream. If you don't know the Islington food scene yet it's time you do, and Trullo is probably our favourite one out there. From the mouth-watering Peruvian cuisine and delicious Pisco sours, to the relaxed ambiance and top notch service. Not only does the Latin American vibe and dimmed lighting at COYA ooze romance, the menu is filled with sharing dishes perfect for two.Trullo300-302 St Paul's Rd, Highbury East, London N1 2LHHow much will it set you back? Combining the high Italian dining with homely flavours and a just-as-much of a homely environment, Trullo has discovered the recipe for comfort eating. Small tables and booths at the downstairs bar so you can get comfy and close. And if sharing food isn't romantic, we don't know what is. Cafe Monico is 140 years old, talk about a London classic and a must go-to if you're in the capital. Authenticity, tradition and the finest British cuisine is what makes Rules so remarkable. The food is incredible and the service is top notch.

READ MORE Details: Fischer’s is romantic in that old-school, Viennese grand café way; with intimate banquettes, wood-panelled walls, and a big clock.The best romantic restaurants in London aren’t really restaurants that try to be romantic. They’re the dimly-lit, intimate places that successfully combine great lighting, good music and a buzzy ambience: the sorts of places that get you excited as soon as you walk through the door. So by “best romantic restaurants in London ” we really mean “ If the Great Jay Gatsby owned a restaurant and thrust into it all his elegance, panache and charm, it would pale in comparison to Bob Bob Ricard. READ MORE Details: It’s a front-row seat to see some of London’s most talented chefs at work. There’s also a ‘press for champagne button’ in every booth, which, some would call a gimmick. READ MORE Details: The only restaurant in London where you can dine under a blossom-decorated glass roof in a wood-panelled room drawing inspiration from country Inns in Provence and Tuscany, despite a complete lack of identical competition.If every day is Valentine's Day, you'll no doubt need some inspiration for your next date night.Planning to book a table for two for a hot date in the capital? Here's an awe-inducing edit of the most romantic restaurants in London, for the perfect rendezvous.

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