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Being able to filter your preferred age, height, gender and location can help you find a match faster since filtering is something you just can’t achieve in real life.

Meeting people for the first time in social situations can have its share of awkward silences and downing drinks just to aide your anxiety.

Dr Lurve is Australia’s leading love and relationship expert!

A modern-day cupid for individuals discovering self-love, singles ready to find love and couples ready to make love last forever, she is the singular authority on how to make a long-lasting relationship. Lurve’s signature series of courses, seminars, talks and intensives for those ready to find, cultivate, and keep love.

is Australia’s leading love and relationship expert!

Based in Sydney, she specialises in helping people navigate the science and metaphysics of relationships.

2019 is a magical time because you hardly need to leave your couch to potentially find a date—saving you time, money and energy on someone who you isn’t a great match for you, even if your Aunt thinks otherwise.

When it happens at work, you have a big decision to make. You’ll get to grab lunch together, maybe carpool to work together and take advantage of those extra moments that you would miss out on if you and your partner worked in separate offices.

With Tinder boasting 26 million matches per day worldwide, people that have it, along with Bumble, may say they’re looking for a relationship but you’ll have to take that with a pinch of salt.

While some people may genuinely be looking for their perfect ‘one’, others will be searching for their perfect ‘one night stand’—keep your heart open but not on your sleeve.

The beauty of the safety (inter)net is interacting with others without the panic sweats.

You can meet people you’d never encounter in your own circle or take a chance by talking to someone you do know, but have never had the courage to privately speak to in person.

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