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The first section of this number indicates the tyre’s section width, in this case 120mm.

The second number indicates the tyre’s aspect ratio or height expressed as a percentage of it’s width.

Please remember however that It is the “top speed” of the “slowest” tyre on your motorcycle which defines the maximum speed at which you should ride and which, if exceeded, risks tyre failure hence why you should replace a tyre with one of at least the same speed rating so that you don’t reduce the speed capability of your bike.

There are a number of different speed and load ratings, and their values in MPH and kilograms respectively are shown here.

In the July 2014 edition of Fast Bikes our very own Bryn Phillips has been discussing everything you need to know about tyre markings, so read on to find out what you missed….

The majority of riders know which tyre sizes are on their bike, but do they really know what a number such as 120/70 ZR17 M/C (58W) on a motorcycle tyre sidewall actually means?

If the tyre were of cross-ply construction the “R” would be replaced by a hyphen.

The “17″ denotes that the tyre is 17 inches in diameter whilst “M/C” means the tyre is for a motorcycle.

In this case the “58″ denotes that the tyre is rated fora maximum weight of 236kg at maximum pressure, whereas the “W” represents 168mph.As tread life becomes less of a factor in the service life of a tire, oxidation becomes a more serious concern— particularly in hotter climates, like Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana which are routinely the hottest states in the United States. However, due to the cryptic code tire manufacturers use on tires, the warnings are of only limited use to consumers.Tire aging is a “hidden hazard” because most consumers don’t know that tires expire in six years and it is difficult for most consumers to tell how old a tire is without deciphering an 11 digit code that is imprinted on the side of the tire. code be clearly branded or etched on the side of each tire. Nonetheless, the following manufacturers have issued warnings on 2013 and newer vehicles about tire aging: Sadly, these warnings are not retroactively provided to consumers who own older model vehicles that are more likely to have aged or expired tires.The majority of tyres for sports bike contain the speed and load ratings in brackets.Brackets show that the tyre is capable of more than 168mph, whilst without brackets it would only be capable of speeds up to 168mph.

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