Dating laws in canada 2016

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It is also implied that employees will perform their work duties with reasonable skill, competence, and diligence and will respect their employer’s confidence and trade secrets.

Employers have an implied duty to provide a safe work environment for their employees.

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1.4 Are any terms implied into contracts of employment?

Employees are entitled to various benefits under employment standards legislation, such as overtime pay, public holiday pay, and protected leaves of absence.

Employees generally also have the right not to be dismissed without just and sufficient cause or, in the case of non-union employees, the provision of reasonable notice of employment termination (or pay thereof).

1.2 What types of worker are protected by employment law? Workers in Canada can be characterized as employees, dependent contractors, or independent contractors, based on the extent to which they are carrying out business on their own behalf and not merely for a superior.

Generally, employment law protects only workers who are properly classified as employees.

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