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We are picking up and continuing our Kubota Service 101 series with a quick article on something every owner of a tractor should be familiar with – an oil change.Depending on the model, Kubota recommends regular oil changes every 75-150 hours (less for construction or heavy use).Replace Oil Drain Plug By now the old oil is likely finished dripping out of the pan.Take the drain plug, clean it up a bit and inspect it for cracks and wear.Be sure to dump the 1/2 cup of oil still in the filter down into the catch basis along with the rest of the old oil.Install the New Filter Take a new filter out of the box and lubricate the seal at the top by running some old oil around it.Other opinions focus on the more serious nature of the population and less time spent on frivolous extras. Since tractors are a piece of common farm equipment, colors help us determine the brand.Any list of farm tools and equipment may include a discussion of the common tractor colors.

Today’s tractor paint colors identify which manufacturer made the machine, but it is not always this simple.

Quick Tip: Marking the Oil Filter If you have trouble remembering exactly when you performed the last oil change, or when you need to do the next, here is a quick tip.

With a felt pen, write the date and number of hours on your tractor on the side of the oil filter.

Quick Word About Oil Filters Oil filters are not very high-tech and we feel that they are all pretty much created equal. Do be alarmed if you see anything else in the oil like metal shavings, rust, coolant or water.

We do not go out of our way to purchase Kubota filters unless we happen to be at or near a dealership when we need one. The reason for the dual plugs is that the drive shaft runs down the middle of the oil pan, splitting it in two. With the oil draining we can move onto the rest of the oil change.

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