Dating horor stories

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So I decided to play her game and test her patience by texting her random shit instead of paying up.

Disgusted, I yelled at him to go home to his wife and left.

One night, he asked me out for supper and I agreed.

As we stayed in the same estate, so we decided to meet outside his place.

But here’s the first red flag: He told me to leave my stuff at his place, which was weird ‘cause, After many failed attempts, he finally let up and we decided to get some food.

Then, the second red flag: While walking to the stalls, he kept trying to hold my hand. I placed a bag between us and told him to not cross the line ‘cause I just wanted to talk. Stephanie, 20 I decided to give Tinder a try in hopes of meeting new people and making some friends—sex was my intention.

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