Dating gerstner tool boxes

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It has ten drawers plus the center drawer for the (then)current "Machinery's Handbook". The box has one snap steel closure on each end and two on the front that appear to be probably nickel plated. That is the Gerstner's official Website where I first learned that I needed to send 25 bucks for them to answer the simpliest question. I originally sent Gerstner and Email and when I got no answer I called them. It has a black leather padded handle on the top which opens up and each end is held on by two round headed rivits.

Gerstner makes a Cherry version of most of their chests and they look impressive.

Start your identification process by using Pages 05 & 06.

This will tell you who the manufacturer is or may be. then go to that mfr.’s section to identify the Style # (if used) and the Period Date range of manufacture.

If you have multiple choices start with the first listed and go to that mfr.’s section. Compare to the pictures and be sure to read through that section completely, in case there could be some idiosyncrasy that may tighten up your Period Date range.

If you can’t make an identity then chances are it’s a product from a catalog Hardware and/or Tool Supply Company that had farmed out the manufacturing of their product.

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