Dating diversions compatibility

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Unfortunately for hospitals and health facilities, it is only a matter of time before drug diversion will occur.

If hospitals have a medication surveillance program, they may be able to detect diversions earlier, before patient safety is put at risk.

Ray Vrabel is senior director, medication systems strategy, Omnicell.

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According to the Web site, substance abuse costs businesses 0 billion annually due to productivity loss, absenteeism and insurance premiums.The software helps identify potential diverters, building a safe and secure environment for patients.One of the leading medication-usage reporting tools is from Pandora Data Systems, which leverages hospitals' existing ADCs and integrates the import process into the work flow.The reports themselves are not always easy to navigate, and identifying diversion trends can be difficult.To address this concern, several companies are offering compatible software programs to run data reports on ADCs to monitor medication-usage patterns.

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