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Catbert: We only have rules about things that might happen. Dilbert: I mean, is it allowed under company rules?(You won’t even be able to see the comments until you do). Once you do that for the first time, it’s a permanent setting for the site every time you come to visit. Microsoft, in all it’s “knowledge” base articles blames us, the coders. Still however, Blogger is crap and I can’t help but blame them for issues I’ve had, not the code I’ve added. Blogger comment system is flexible, has more options as well as Blogger makes it easy to enable or disable comments on pages.There are two pages where you will need to enable or disable comments static index pages and blog post pages.

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Once done go and check out your page or post, you have disabled comments.Not just around the posts themselves, but one commenter can now reply to another commenter and so on. Ok, that was the big, massive change I did after work today. Be that Chrome, Firefox or some other flavour of your choice.There’s now also a “like” system for the page your on and also for comments. Until then, the entire commenting system will not work for you unless you switch to “Compatibility View”.Its fairly straightforward to get going, on your own, but man, think of the lead gen deal that could have been.I have a bunch of stuff to blog about, but not until the time is right.

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